You booked your move online and they never showed up. What now ?

July 24, 2010

Im at the Daily Grind in Virginia Beach Town Center talking with Courtney Coe today. Not only is she a stunning you lady but a true professional in her industry. Our topic is about booking your move online and not getting what you expected . Courtney will come to you, Review what needs to be moved and put a plan together with you. The next time you think you will have an online move booked be careful they might have more fees or even worse they might never show up. How can a moving company tell you fee if they have never seen what will be moved ?

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Staging your home with Clear the Clutter Bekins Moving

June 24, 2010

What will your neighbors say about the pods sitting in the your drive way ? Everyone knows your moving and will this encourage someone to "break-in " Courtney Coe with Bekins Moving talks about using the Clear the Clutter program. Are you looking to sell your home and you have not place to store everything. Are you dreading moving twice once to clear it out then again when you move to your finial place. Listen to how this program can help you de-stress and relax during this process. Let Bekins help you ! Get an Estimate here Or call

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Bekins - Get rid of the clutter and reduce stress

June 9, 2010

Clear the Clutter

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OVERVIEW: Discounted storage program designed to help realtors and homeowners clear the "extra stuff" hanging around a house to sell it faster and for more money. It's almost impossible to sell a house without renting a "POD" or self storage unit. Many home owners don't have the time and/or energy to pack, load and transport furniture and boxes to self storage units in a timely manner to get things out of the way before the house is listed. Communities are also cracking down on portable storage devices sitting in driveways for extended periods of time and may not allow them at all. Plus, even with it sitting in the front yard, many are getting broken in to.Bekins A-1, is offering a program where they bring out large storage crates that they pack and load and then bring back to their local storage facility, where they keep your belongings in a secure, regulated climate until your home is sold.The cost per crate is $250.00. This includes Bekins providing 10 boxes (packing them for the customer), loading boxes and furniture into the crate and storing for two months. After two months of storage, the cost is only $35.00 per crate, per month. Once the house is sold, Bekins A-1 can handle the "big move" whether it's locally, out of state, or international.Courtney can come out to the house to provide a free estimate, not just for the storage crates, but also price out the Big Move, so the homeowner can create a moving budget.Courtney also does presentations for Realty Offices in Hampton Roads for realtors wanting more information.

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April 14, 2010

How long does it take to get an estimate for your next move ? Can you plan you're moving budget with all the expenses laid out ? Its it midnight and this is the only time you feel like you have the time to call the moving company for a quote. Now you can do it all in your time at your leisure and get the answers as soon as you hit the submit button. Meet Courtney Coe with Bekins moving. Courtney is the hampton roads moving EXPERT for Bekins moving company. This amazing moving company understands the need to get answers quick and then excellent follow up by a moving expert to ensure everything part of your estimate, packing and move runs smooth and seamless. Listen to Courtney as we discuss how works to give you exactly what you need to be prepared to move. Call or visit 5827 CURLEW DRIVE NORFOLK, VA 23504 (757) 466-9350