James Walrod - A Buyers Story

November 18, 2016

A memorable real estate success story when you partner with the right loan officer!  I have been doing business with James Walrod for many years and I trust him because he always makes good choices for my clients.  

James Walrod

James Walrod - Senior Loan Officer NMLS 260324

Veterans United Home Loans 

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What is title insurance and why you need it

September 12, 2016

What is title insurance and why is it important to purchase it!  

Podcast with Carol Hare who is Underwriting Counsel with Fidelity National Title Ins. Company.  Owner's title insurance is optional in Virginia but Carol shares some great examples of great reasons why you need to purchase it.  

When you refinance a home do you need to purchase title insurance again?  Do you have sufficient coverage?  


What is the difference between a Mortgage Lender and a Mortgage Broker?

June 23, 2016

John Sancilio is a Senior Loan Officer and owner of Bay Mortgage, LLC. John is a licensed mortgage loan originator and has helped clients purchase and refinance their homes for more than 20 years including 6 years at a major national bank where he was a President’s Club award winner. He is a lifelong resident of Hampton Roads and a graduate of Norfolk Academy and Washington & Lee University. 

NMLS ID# 466694 (www.nmlsconsumeraccess.org)

John Sancillio 
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Is now a good time to buy real estate - James Walrod with Veterans United

June 25, 2013
Is now a good time to buy ?
Where are the rates? 
What about falling or rising sales prices ?
What will is cost me if the rate rises 1% ?

James and Alison take about 10 min to discuss the changes in the Hampton Roads Real Estate market

James Walrod 

Veterans United Home loans of Hampton Roads
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Alison Creamer Realtor
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Fannie Mae and Homepath Homes

August 27, 2010

James Walrod Lender with Union Mortgage and Alison Creamer Realtor with Keller Williams Realty are at the Daily Grind in Virginia Beach Town Center today talking about how to buy a foreclosed home using the Home Path loan. Are you looking for homes that are bargains and distressed ? Did you know the bank will give you financing and do some fixing up for you . Its a GREAT way to get the house you want and get the repairs you need in order to buy the home. If you want more information about these kinds of homes please send me an email alison@bzibee.com and Ill send you the list of homes that qualify for this.

http://www.fanniemae.com/homepath/financing/index.jhtml ( information about the program )

James Walrod. 757-351-6408 Call James today to talk more about getting a loan on your next home.  NMLS 1907, NMLS 260324


You might not want to REFI right now ?

August 16, 2010

Im here are The Daily Grind in Town Center, Virginia Beach discussing refinance options with James Walrod of union mortgage. We both agree sometimes you don't want to refinance. If your saving 100 a month but it cost you 2400 to do it and you think you will be moving its not in your best interest to refinance your mortgage rate right now. James can take you through the steps to see if its really in your best intrest to refinance your home today.

James Walrod. 757-351-6408 Call James today to talk more about getting a loan on your next home. James.Walrod@union-mtg.com NMLS 1907, NMLS 260324


My lender said I was getting a 5.5% loan but the APR shows 6% ?

July 31, 2010

Vince Murray explains what is APR and what is your interest rate when buying a home. DO not get confused and the two numbers. Also So you REFI now or wait ?

Vince Murray Tidewater Mortgage Services vmurray@twmortgage.com Phone: 757-605-4640


Is now the time to REFI

June 30, 2010

Vince Murray with Tidewater Mortgage services Refi’s

Is refinancing your home a good idea even if you’ve been in the house for a short period of time?

Yes, the rates are in the 4’s now and it makes sense especially if you go with a 15 year loan. These rates are lower, sometime by a ½ % or more for a “par” rate comparison.

Par is the going rate without paying any discount points to achieve that rate- meaning”0” points to buy down the rate. [You can pay up front to lower the interest rate.]

In some instances the switch to a 15 year rate does not increase the monthly payment that much, especially if the client has paid on the 30 year note for a few years. With the reduced loan amount and the new reduced mortgage rate sometimes it can actually be lower per month.

A recent loan I had done involved a single woman that had paid 8 years into a 30 year loan. I was able to knock off 7 years of the loan and reduced the payments by about $93 a month. She had financed less money for a shorter term and at a better rate. I believe that it was less than 2 % difference in the two loan rates.

This same woman referred a neighbor of hers to me. In this case, her neighbor refinanced the original 30 year loan amount for 15 years and kept the cash difference to apply to some remodeling work. Her payment went up $106 a month, but knocked 8 years off her loan, and she was able to pay for the cost of the remodeling job. These are probably two exceptions to the general rule, but a 15 year loan saves so much money that it is worth it in the long run if you can afford the difference, since the rates are so low now.

Whether it is a new purchase or a Refi, the time is now. When the government decides the value of the dollar is too low or you hear the word inflation in the news a few times during a weeks’ period, watch out- higher rates will follow the next week. I try to encourage people to act now and find out what can done for them because I don’t want them to say, “I wish I had refinanced when the rates were lower.” I know that has happened to me on more than a few occasions. The rates are at an all-time low now and it brings great satisfaction helping people get the most for their money. Especially afterwards when they say “that was easier than I thought.”

Since completing the new testing and licensing requirements, I am more excited about the mortgage business. The new changes have been very positive. I have been receiving more new referrals and I can say that I have made many great new acquaintances. It’s nice to be involved in a business where you can help people actually find “new” money by refinancing or by giving them a peace of mind that they are getting the best deal available on buying their house.


What do you mean my shed is a concession ?

June 24, 2010

Kevin Warren with Mclean Mortgage talks about seller concession and seller contributions. Do you know the difference and do you know how the Realtor/Agent should be writing this for the contract ? How do you list a flat screen TV or that car and vacation the seller was going to give you to buy the house. Call Kevin Warren today to see how he can help you navigate the Loan process and get your the best deal! ame Kevin Warren Company McLean Mortgage Corporation E-mail Contact Kevin Warren (McLean Mortgage Corporation) Website http://www.kcwarren.net Cell Phone (757) 237-4920 Address Virginia Beach, VA, 23452 Description I specialize in sincere customer service for residential property mortgage needs. I also strive to understand the dreams and desires of my clients and make them reality.