Safety Symposium for Realtors

July 5, 2016
Podcast chat with  Benjamin Smith - Senior Loan Officer- NMLS #372396 at Old Point Mortgage, LLC and MPO Allen Perry, a DCJS Certified Crime Prevention Specialist.  


In conjunction with the Virginia Beach Crime Prevention Unit, and in light of the crimes against Realtors in Hampton Roads in the past year (armed robbery and a rape), Benjamin Smith is coordinating a safety symposium with Old Point Mortgage.

We want everyone to learn the best practices on how to AVOID being a victim in the course of doing your jobs as Realtors.

They will also have on hand representatives from Colonial Shooting Academy to let you know about various defense courses and training they have available at their fantastic facility.

Event Page to RSVP

Wed August 17th starts at 9 am 
Virginia Beach Police Academy
411 Integrity Way
Virginia Beach, Virginia 23451
Food Truck 757 Paradise Bistro will be there for coffee 

What I learned from Joe RothChild at Keller Willams Mega Camp ( agents only )

September 17, 2010

Joe Rothchild speaks at Keller Williams Mega Camp 2010 in Austin Texas. Thank you for being on the panel at Mega Camp 2010. This was an amazing event that will help me grow to the next level in Real Estate.

Joe Rothchild 2009 stats 779 sales 146.8 mil in volume

14 points he made at Mega Camp 2010

1 treat it like a job 2 dress professionally 3 manage your time focus, goals, structure daily 4 dont be a secret agent identify your self as mush as possible 5 prospect get out there 6 put marketing in place and be consistent 7 know where your leads are coming from 8 follow up consistently 9 think out side the box 10 know your competition 11 be a listing agent 12 there is no limit to your achievement 13 honesty and integrity above all 14 figure out how to replace yourself

The dress for success series